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Without any fees, you can easily become a store owner on the platform. You only need to process the order and leave other things to us. Even the deposit of the platform will be paid by us!

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Welcome To Our Service Agency

Kingeni Hong Kong Co., Ltd., established in 2015, is a service Agency focusing on the e-commerce field. It is one of the top ten Shopee service providers in 2020 and a Coupang gold medal service provider in 2021. In 2023, it was approved to become the only A-level alliance enterprise of Soalco.

We will solve a series of problems for your store to settle in Soalco, help you quickly establish a store and manage it easily, and we will bear a platform deposit of up to 3,000 US dollars for you.


What We Do?

Sales data analysis

We have received permission to share overall Soalco website sales data. Through analysis and experience, we can effectively make sales recommendations for you and quickly close real deals.

Product optimization

Through sales data analysis results, we will optimize categories and products for you to facilitate transactions as quickly as possible while ensuring maximum profit

purposeful promotion

Based on users’ habits, we will make targeted and accurate traffic diversion, direct to stores and corresponding products, and effectively facilitate transactions.

Source data analysis

We conduct precise analysis of user sources and habits, including search engines, frequent access times, page and product dwell time, etc., to accurately control and respond to user needs.

revenue weight matching

We attach great importance to the distribution of interests of our partners and firmly believe that mutual benefit is the guarantee of long-term cooperation. Protecting the interests of our partners is the highest priority!


Use our sincerity, professionalism and attentiveness to serve our partners to the maximum extent, help our partners grow, increase their sales, and develop collaboratively to create brilliance!

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